Assistant Professor in Resilient Asset Management and Maintenance

Eindhoven University of Technology is pleased to invite applicants to apply for a professor position in accounting. This position is open until filled.

Assistant professor (tenure track) in Resilient Asset Management and Maintenance Desired starting date: In period January 1-April 1, 2019.


This position is part of the Operations Planning, Accounting & Control (OPAC) group of the Department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) of Eindhoven University of Technology ( OPAC currently consists of 4 full professors, 4 associate professors, 15 assistant professors, 7 postdoctoral fellows, and 25 PhD students. The faculty teaches and conducts research in the area of operations planning and control in supply chains, manufacturing, maintenance, and transportation. Research is generally quantitative in nature, while many of the researchers also engage in empirical research. The OPAC group has an extensive industrial network, which gives direct access to challenging operations management problems, new technologies, and empirical data. This network is furthermore leveraged to acquire PhD funding and personal grants that enable to scale up research efforts. There is an open and informal working atmosphere within the group.

For more information on the OPAC group, see:


This position is embedded in the 'Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering' (DeSIRE) program, an extensive capacity building program, set-up by the 4TU Centre Resilience Engineering []. Within this program of the 4 technical universities of the Netherlands, 16 new tenure track positions have been created at 13 faculties across the 4TU. This ambitious 4TU umbrella program on resilience aims to conduct excellent research of societal value and set-up and contribute to educational programs in the emerging field of Resilience Engineering. You will be working in a team of top scientists within 4TU, benefiting from the opportunity to work on concrete resilience challenges within our broad network of partners in policy and practice. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration between the 16 tenure trackers, associated scientific staff and public and private partners. All 16 Tenure Trackers will be actively involved in the scientific, educational and valorization activities of the DeSIRE program and the 4TU-Centre Resilience Engineering. It offers prospective candidates excellent opportunities to extend their networks with academic and societal partners. Research area

For the position on Resilient Asset Management and Maintenance, the focus is on assets such as electricity networks, railway networks, and medical equipment. Many organizations in our society depend heavily on the availability of these assets. These are often monitored remotely by an internal or external maintenance organization that can predict failures of critical components. These predictions may lead to direct actions to physically inspect and possibly replace a component within a few hours. Still, not all failures can be prevented. Hence, one also has to think of (i) a smart setup of a maintenance support network that enables fast actions in case of failures; (ii) fast local decision making regarding the resources and the repair process to get the system up and running again as fast as possible after a failure. Being resilient requires a new way of thinking and a new way of working that is much more dynamic than what is currently common. It also asks for the development of new control concepts that lead to much higher system availabilities of assets against equal or only slightly higher costs. For more information, also about the other positions within DeSIRE, check out this page:

We are also open to application by candidates with some years of experience as assistant professor.

For more information about this position and DeSIRE, please contact Professor Geert-Jan van Houtum (

Information about terms of employment can be obtained from Mrs. Susan Opgenoorth, personnel officer (

To apply pleaseuse the "apply now" button. Please note that a maximum of 5 documents of 2 Mb each can be uploaded, so if you have more than 5 documents you will have to combine them. Please do not send us applications by e-mail.


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