A PhD Scholarship in Public Administration with Focus on Management Control

Applications are invited for a PhD position in social sciences to join University of Gothenburg. This position is available for four years. The deadline to apply is December 03, 2018.

A doctoral student in Public Administration with focus on Management Control (financial reporting in Swedish municipalities)

The School of Public Administration is seeking a qualified and motivated person for a PhD student position in Public Administration who will be part of a research group that is interested in management control. Researchers in this group are focusing on the role of accounting and management in public administration. Areas of interest include management principles, forms of accountability: efficiency problems, and coordination. We welcome candidates with research interests in line with these themes as well as candidates who will contribute with new perspectives.

The position as a PhD candidate will be linked to a research project on financial reporting. The aim of the project is to generate knowledge about how factors, related accountants and auditors, affect the quality of financial reporting in Swedish municipalities.

The School of Public Administration is a department within the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gothenburg. We provide education and research in the discipline Public Administration.

Public Administration is multi-disciplinary, combining perspectives in the study of the function of the public sector and its role in society.

We provide candidate, master and PhD degrees in Public Administration. We also provide single subject courses and contract education. Cooperation between the university and society is a core idea of School of Public Administration.

The School of Public Administration has (in October 2018) close to 60 employees of which 19 are PhD students. Our offices are in Campus Haga in central Gothenburg.

More information about our department is found on our web page .

A PhD student is conducting research and is expected to contribute to the development of knowledge in the discipline Public Administration. The PhD student is expected to develop own ideas and communicate scientific results orally and in writing.

The aim of the doctoral studentship is for the PhD student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to conduct research autonomously within Public Administration and to contribute to the development of knowledge within the discipline through the production of a scholarly thesis.

Another aim for a PhD position in Public Administration is for the PhD student to develop an ability to later apply the acquired knowledge and skills within post-degree research or other professional work.


Applicants must meet both general and specific entry requirements.

Specific entry requirements: To be eligible for postgraduate studies applicants must have (cf Swedish Higher Education ordinance, chapter 7 section 40): completed a second-cycle degree in public administration or a second-cycle degree incorporating a dredger project focusing on public administration. The specific entry requirements are also met by applicants who have acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for education on a doctoral level are given in the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 7. The chosen candidates are those deemed most likely to complete the programme successfully. The availability of supervisors within the department is also a factor.

A PhD student position could also be available for candidates whose employer is prepared to finance the education, so-called external position. The assessment criteria for external positions are the same as above. A special agreement is established for such positions.

Employment: Time-limited employment, four years

Extent: 100% Location: School of Public Administration, Gothenburg

First day of employment: January 1st 2019 (or other time by agreement) Provision for employment as a PhD student are contained in the SFS 1988:80 regulation. Only the one who is admitted to postgraduate education may be assigned as a holder of employment as PhD student. In addition to the obligation to engage in their own postgraduate education, the holder may be required to perform duties relating to education, research and administrative work in accordance with specific provisions of the regulation.

The position is limited to four years in duration and is carried out on a full-time basis unless there are acceptable reasons to the contrary (minimum 50%). The position may include departmental duties corresponding to up to 20% of a full-time post over the course of study. If such tasks are required, the duration of the appointment will be extended accordingly.

The university applies a local agreement on the salary of PhD students.

Applications are prepared by a working group, decisions on admission are taken by the head of the department. Interviews with a selection of applicants can be conducted. Decision on admissions cannot be appealed.

David Karlsson, Deputy Head of Department, responsible for research and the PhD programme

Tel: + 4631-786 1741 E-mail address: Pierre Donatella, PhD and Project Manager of the research project on financial reporting

Tel: + 4631-786 4968 E-mail address: Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:

Register your application electronically under “Apply Online”.

1) A presentation letter of up to 1,000 words (about 2 pages), preferably shorter.

a) a short presentation of yourself including a brief presentation of your qualifications and an account of your ability to communicate in speech and in writing in both Swedish and English. b) a brief presentation of your research interests where you motivate why you would like to belong to a research group in public administration which is interested in management control c) a brief explanation of why the School of Public Administration is interesting to you, including a statement of how you intend to participate actively in the academic milieu of the School of Public Administration if you do not live in Gothenburg at the time of application. 2) CV, including a publication list (if publication list is available).

3) An essay. Normally, the thesis work (usually master thesis) is submitted, but it may also be a process or further development of the essay, such as an article, a book chapter or other similar work. We only consider texts in Swedish and English or translations into any of these languages. In the case of translations, the original text must also be attached and the text should be translated in its entirety.

4) A project outline in which the applicant provides a preliminary proposal for a planned dissertation and research focus within the framework of the above-mentioned project. Max 1,500 words (about 3 pages), excluding references.

5) Certified copies of academic grades and, where applicable, certificates of other relevant qualifications. Recommendation letters can be attached, but are not mandatory.

Please note that it is up to the applicant to complete the application, and that incomplete applications or additions after the deadline date will not be taken into account.

All electronic documents must be submitted as PDF files.

University of Gothenburg

School of Public Administration To. Pirjo Ledesund P.O.Box 710 SE 405 30 Gothenburg Sweden

The application must be received by December 3rd 2018


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