Research Assistant in High Fidelity Computational Modelling of Intake Aerodynamics

Imperial College London, UK is inviting excellent candidates to apply for a postdoctoral researcher position. Applications are invited up to November 06, 2018.

The Department of Aeronautics is seeking a researcher to assess the suitability of a high-fidelity spectral element code, Nektar++, to model the shock wave boundary layer interaction arising in intakes at incidence. This project is funded through the Aeronautics Technology Institute (ATI).

Youwill explore the application of the high fidelity CFD solver, Nektar++, on prediction of shock-wave boundary layer interaction in intakes at incidence. The project will explore the use of the Nektar++ framework using an under-resolved DNS/iLES simulations.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a genuine passion and excellence in research via their track record. The applicant should have extensive knowledge on the development of computational fluid dynamics methods, C++ and preferably high order methods using spectral/hp element discretisations.

Informal enquiries regarding the position can be made to Professor Spencer Sherwin ( )

Should you have any queries relating to the recruitment process please contact: Lisa Kelly:


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