Research Assistant at University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge has an opening postdoctoral fellowship position in biotechnology. This fellowship is last for 24 months and posible to extend. Candidates are welcome before November 20, 2018.

A Research Assistant/Research Associate position is available in the Magnetic Resonance Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology working with Prof Lynn Gladden and Dr Andy Sederman. There is increasing interest in being able to understand multi-phase processes on a local, pore scale level, in porous media and rocks in particular. Currently when characterising the structure of a porous rock, X-ray tomography is most often used as it gives high spatial resolution of the rock structure. However, X-ray methods give only limited insights into properties such as changing surface chemistry within the porous materials, and the flow and diffusion characteristics of molecules moving within the pore structure. In contrast, magnetic resonance techniques have the ability to measure a range of valuable measurements such as measurements of adsorption, diffusion and flow but at a much reduced spatial resolution which is on the length scale of multiple pores. The aim of this project is to use and develop the latest data acquisition and reconstruction techniques to increase the information content and spatial resolution of MRI experiments applied to liquid transport in rocks. Combining pore scale spatial information along with flow, diffusion and relaxometry measurements is critical in order to maximise information that can be extracted. In order to do this, multi-dimensional, multi-component data under-sampling and image reconstruction will be used. Our target is to achieve at least an order of magnitude increase in spatial resolution whilst still being able to encode the image voxels with information of molecule-surface interactions, diffusion and flow. The methods we develop will initially be optimised for characterisation of rock cores but will be transferrable to other porous media in engineering and medical applications. Measurements will be done on rock cores at realistic reservoir conditions and so good practical experimental ability will be required along with the ability to quantitatively analyse, and visualise, data from a number of different sources including MR images and X-rat tomography images. Applicants should have a PhD (or be close to completing a PhD in a relevant subject area), previous experience in MRI or magnetic resonance relaxometry. The project is based in Cambridge but the Research Assistant/Research Associate will interact with collaborators in Shell and Imperial College, London. It is envisaged that the start date of the position would be 1 January 2019 or shortly afterwards. The project is sponsored by Shell.

More information about the Research Group can be found here: More information about the Department can be found here:

Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 24 months in the first instance.

Applicants should provide a CV, including contact details of two referees and a covering letter describing their suitability for the role. For further information contact Prof. Lynn Gladden (


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