Research Assistant at Imperial College London

A new postdoctoral position in applied mathematics is available at Imperial College London. Applications are invited up to November 11, 2018.

Imperial College London is a science-based institution with the greatest concentration of high-impact research of any major UK university. The Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London is leading the bioengineering agenda both nationally and internationally, advancing the frontiers of our knowledge in the discipline's three main areas:

1. Biomedical Engineering: Developing devices, techniques and interventions for human health. 2. Biological Engineering: Solving problems related to the life sciences and their applications for health. 3. Biomimetics: Using the structures and functions of living organisms as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines. In this role of the researcher, you will plan, lead and carry out a high-quality research programme in the intersecting fields of clinical, translational research and mathematical modelling. You will collaborate with academic and clinical partners, undertake project management and/or supervise multi-disciplinary teams, including assistant supervision of PhD students. In addition, you will be expected to submit publications to peer-reviewed journals, attract external research funding and contribute to the teaching activities.

You must have a PhD (or equivalent, or be at the final stage of the PhD studies) in Systems Biology, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or a closely related discipline, or equivalent research, clinical, industrial or commercial experience for appointment at Research Associate level (Research Assistant level if not yet holding PhD).

You will have previous experience in working with computational models for biomedical systems. You will have also experience in analysis and interpretation of relevant experimental and clinical data. You will have at least basic knowledge on skin disease. You must have a track record of supervision in student research projects (undergraduate, Masters or PhD). *Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as Research Assistant within the salary range 33,380 to 35,061 per annum.


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