Research Assistant / Associate to Ex-solved Nanoparticles for Catalysis

A new postdoc position in spectroscopy is available at Imperial College London. Applications are invited up to November 26, 2018.

Imperial College London is a science-based institution with the greatest concentration of high-impact research of any UK university. The Faculty of Engineering, consistently rated among the best in the world, is made up of ten academic departments and is committed to increasing its research activity by focusing on engineering-led multidisciplinary growth areas that target a number of global challenges. All of our academic departments are located on a single campus in South Kensington, giving a concentration of talent that creates a stimulating and vibrant research community.

Applications are invited for a Research Assistant position that will develop the colloidal synthesis from chemical precursors of 2D atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides and dichalcogenides. The synthesized material will be characterized with HRTEM, SEM, XRD, Uv-IVs absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The materials will be then assembled in the form of thin films and membranes and characterized for (photo)-electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution.

The candidates will also need to have knowledge and extensive experimental experience across all of the aspects of the project.

*Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as Research Assistant within the salary range 33,380 – 35,061 per annum.

Further information regarding the post can be obtained from Dr Cecilia Mattevi,

You can find details of salary, terms & conditions, including contract type/duration, benefits, etc.

Further guidance may be sought from Mrs Darakshan Khan (


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