Postdoctoral Scholar at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is offering postdoctoral researcher position in remote sensing. Applications should be sumbmitted as soon as possible.

A postdoctoral research project training opportunity is currently available at the Institute for the Environment with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This appointment will be in the Institute's Center for Environmental Modeling and Policy Development (IE-CEMPD).

The selected candidate will work with Dr. Sarav Arunachalam in IE-CEMPD, developing and applying multi-scale modeling techniques for assessing air quality and health impacts of individual emissions sectors. The candidate will work on a subset of the following tasks: a) Review / process emission inventories for specific sectors and based on emerging literature on understanding of key sectors, develop/apply these methods to correct for potential biases in emissions inputs, b) Use regional-scale air quality models such as CMAQ with instrumented techniques such as the Decoupled Direct Method (DDM) and / or Adjoint for assessing sectoral contributions on air quality and health, c) Explore use of remote sensing products for model evaluation and source attribution, d) collaborate with other institutions to assess health and economic impacts of individual sectoral emissions, and e) develop peer reviewed publications and policy papers. Beyond these tasks, the chosen candidate will also have an opportunity to work with other ongoing projects within IE-CEMPD in the field of emissions, air quality and climate modeling, to be mentored by the PI to lead the development of new project ideas and develop grant proposals, and provide support to junior staff / graduate students on related tasks.


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