Postdoctoral Postdoc Position at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

A new postdoctoral scholar position in artificial intelligence is available at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. This position is available for 2 years. Applications should be sumbmitted as soon as possible.

The Lai Lab focuses on education and research in targeted drug delivery that will ensure optimal efficacy of pharmacologically and immunologically active agents. We conduct multidisciplinary research using knowledge in

- chemistry (physical-chemical aspects of drug molecules, polymer sciences, analytical chemistry), - engineering (nanotechnology, biophysics), and - biopharmaceutics (pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism). Two emerging areas in which we are engaging our students are pharmacoengineering and molecular imaging. We are a dynamic and multi-disciplinary lab that integrates and applies the latest advances from immunology, biophysics, engineering and microbiology to a diverse array of research projects. There are currently 6 core focus: (i) matrix-immunology, based on the discovery that weakly adhesive antibodies can facilitate trapping of pathogens in biological matrices such as mucus and basement membranes; (ii) adaptive immunity to engineered nanomaterials; (iii) engineered bispecific fusion proteins for targeted delivery of nanoparticles to heterogeneous cells and tissues; (iv) microbiome tuning via engineered phages; (v) vaccines; (vi) machine learning and artificial intelligence. Two companies have been spun out of the research group over the past 2 years, and prior research by the PI has led to successful Phase II and III clinical trials. Postdoc fellow will be part of a dynamic lab that integrates and applies latest advances from immunology, biophysics, engineering and microbiology to research projects focused on (i) mucosal immunology based on antibody-mucin interactions, and (ii) adaptive immune response to nanomaterials. Specific duties include performing research, developing research ideas, as well as writing manuscripts and grant proposals. Competitive candidates typically have at least several publications in reputable journals during their graduate training, and are adept at working in a problem-solving environment.


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