Postdoc:design Tools for Prototyping Decentralized Iot Applications and Services

Eindhoven University of Technology is pleased to invite applicants to apply for a postdoctoral associate position in computing systems. Applications should be sumbmitted as soon as possible.

Postdoc position: Design and implementation of a prototyping framework for the IoT

We are looking for a talented PhD graduate or experienced researcher with a background in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems or related disciplines, to conduct research in design tools to support non-engineers prototype decentralized applications and services. Candidates are expected to have advanced software development skills, experience in creating platforms and developing tools, and a relevant publication record.


Design research at our Department of Industrial Design strongly depends technologically on emergent technologies. Currently, connected products based on IoT technology and machine learning are at the core of many research projects and education initiatives at Industrial Design. Increasingly, our research depends on product capabilities such as autonomous decentralized operation and distributed contextualized learning. Data and connectivity are at the core of these developments. Yet, design researchers and students are limited in their freedom to prototype such highly connected and communicative IoT systems. They struggle with the complexity and required groundwork that needs to happen before a research project or design can actually take advantage of connectivity. Such technology is, in principle, available for broad use, but it is (1) not easily used in a design process, (2) not compatible with platforms that are established in ID research and education, (3) not matching designers' (future/innovating) needs. Further, (4) data is not inherently embedded in the design process (e.g., intuitively using a data canvas), and (5) does not address recurring and crucial security challenges that are important or working in particular domains such as health or domestic applications. This Postdoc will help address this current limitation to our research momentum by implementing a novel prototyping framework for designers spanning platforms, networking layers and software technologies. Research position

The postdoc will be involved in the scientific research and network of the Future Everyday group in the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. The FE group pursues ground breaking research in interactive, intelligent products, systems and services . The research will be executed in close collaboration with academic and industrial stakeholders, and with students in our education programs. This research project focuses on the development of a scalable, ease to use and future-proof prototyping platform based on the OOCSI1 connectivity framework and platforms/technologies such as Arduino, ESP, Teensy, Raspberry PI, Processing and Docker. The Postdoc will be in charge of developing the prototyping platform, example applications and demonstrators, dissemination and community building (e.g., through workshops, conference panels, and hackathons). The Postdoc will be required to strengthen the scientific program of the group in this area and publish in relevant communities (such as ACM conferences on User Interface Software Technology, Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, or Computer Human Interaction). Equally valued is to publish (open-source) code and application software as well as documentation material. Apart from being research-centered, this position allows for building a track record in a renown, innovative Industrial Design education program. The research is supervised by dr. Mathias Funk from the Future Everyday group in the Department of Industrial Design, TU/e. Location

Department of Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology Laplace 32, 5612AZ Eindhoven, The Netherlands The ideal candidate is pro-active, highly motivated, and independent, and has proven experience with designing prototyping technologies, end-user programming, software engineering, and open-source collaboration. The candidate should have excellent written and oral communication skills in English. We are looking for candidates that match the following profile:

We offer an exciting job in the Future Everyday group at the Department of Industrial Design. We are a vibrant community with state of the art facilities and make labs. Eindhoven and the Brainport region are an innovation hub with plenty of opportunities to connect and build your personal network. In this position we offer:

Your application must contain the following documents (all in English):

Cover letter (maximum 2 pages), which includes a motivation of your interest in the vacancy and an explanation of why you would fit well for this position; Course list of PhD, Master and Bachelor programs (including grades); Five of your best papers; Name and contact information of three references.

Please note that a maximum of 5 documents of 2 MB each can be uploaded. If you have more than 5 documents you will need to combine them. If you are interested, we invite you to apply immediately, and not later than September 30, 2018. You can apply by pressing the “apply now” button for this vacancy. Screening of candidates will commence immediately and will stop once a candidate has been found. Earlier applications thus are more likely to receive consideration. Note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


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