Postdoc Researcher in Nanoparticle-based Nonlinear Photonic Devices

ETH Zurich is delighted to offer a postdoctoral fellowship position in material sciences. Applications should be sumbmitted as soon as possible.

The Optical Nanomaterial Laboratory at the Physics Department of ETH Zurich is looking for a new position.The quest of materials with no losses, high energy conversion efficiencies, compactness, solidity, ease of fabrication, and biocompatibility, is the key for the development of new technologies in optoelectronics and photonics. Metals and semiconductors are the conventional materials used at the nanoscale for linear optics. However, for nonlinear optics, metallic nanostructures (gold, silver) have low damage threshold, and typical semiconductors are limited in the infrared range (GaAs) or have no bulk second-order nonlinear effects (silicon). In our group, we use metal-oxides ferroelectric materials, like barium titanate or lithium niobate, because of their wide bandgap for a broad transparent window, second-order optical nonlinearities, strong electro-optic effects, and high damage threshold. This project is about the challenging bottom-up fabrication of photonic devices with nonlinear optical properties by using metal-oxides materials. The goal is to create miniaturized integrated flat photonic devices (metasurfaces, photonic crystals, ) by facilitating and accelerating the fabrication of sophisticated optical components with non-centrosymmetric from solution processed nanoparticles using imprint lithography.

The successful candidate should be highly motivated and creative, show an exceptional track record, and have a background in physics, materials, optics, and/or chemistry, and be interested in working at the interface of nanotechnology, photonics and material sciences. Furthermore, the ideal skills needed for this project are in solution processing of nanoparticles, imprint lithography, nanophotonics, surface and physical chemistry of nanomaterials, modeling of optical systems and the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. The preferred starting date is January 2019.


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