Postdoc Position in Experimental Growth of Marine Phytoplankton

A new postdoctoral fellowship position in environmental sciences is available at ETH Zurich. Applications should be sumbmitted as soon as possible.

The Climate Geology Group of Prof. Heather Stoll at ETH Zurich is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral researcher to develop our research program in experimental growth of marine phytoplankton: new position.The Climate Geology research group is building capacity at ETH Zrich in the experimental study of adaptations of marine phytoplankton to past and future variations ocean carbon chemistry, temperature, and other environmental parameters. We will inaugurate in spring 2019 new facilities for laboratory culture of phytoplankton, focused on study of the fossilizing marine phytoplankton coccolithophorids and diatoms. The postdoctoral researcher will establish culture of marine phytoplankton, with the opportunity to set up a series of new bioreactor systems with state of the art measurement systems. ETH has exceptional analytical and microscopy facilities within and beyond the department. The research group offers work in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment and the candidate is encouraged to establish collaborations with groups in other allied departments at ETH (Microbiology, Environmental Sciences), and will also conduct research stays in laboratories of our international collaborators.


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