Postdoc Position at Imperial College London

A new postdoctoral researcher position in molecular biology is available at Imperial College London. This fellowship is last for two years and posible to extend. The deadline to apply is November 07, 2018.

We are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Associates with expertise in bacterial inner membrane protein biochemistry and structural biology to work in the Centre for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection (CMBI) and Section of Structural Biology at Imperial College London. The position is funded through the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust available for two years.

The research project will focus on the Gram-positive bacterial pathogen Staphylococcus aureus and the work will be conducted in the state-of-the-art laboratories of Professor Angelika Grndling (CMBI) and Professor Paul Freemont (Section of Structural Biology). The research programme will focus on providing structural and mechanistic insight into the activity of the diadenylate cyclase DacA, an essential bacterial membrane protein responsible for the production of c-di-AMP. c-di-AMP is a more discovered signalling nucleotide required for the growth of S. aureus under standard growth conditions and plays an important role in osmotic regulation and cell wall homeostasis. Methicillin resistant S. aureus (MRSA) strains producing reduced levels of c-di-AMP become again sensitive to the cell wall active beta-lactam antibiotics. The reason for this is currently not known. The deadenylate cyclase DacA is part of a highly conserved three-gene dacA/ybbR/glmM operon, that also encodes the proposed DacA regulator YbbR and the essential phosphoglucosamine GlmM, which is required for the production of an essential peptidoglycan synthesis. These three proteins form a complex in vivo and the complex is thought to play a key role in regulating cellular c-di-AMP levels. This project aims to further characterize this complex on a structural and functional level. Research Duties

- To take initiatives in the planning of research - To collaborate with other allied scientists within Imperial College and elsewhere in London and abroad, as appropriate - To ensure the validity and reliability of data at all times - To maintain highly accurate and complete records of experimental work - To conduct data analysis - To publish in high quality journals, and to present data at national and international meetings - To participate in Group research meetings and internal seminars - To actively participate in the research programme of the Group - To contribute to the smooth running of the Group's laboratories and facilities with other scientists, technicians and students - To promote the reputation of the Group, the Department and the College - To comply with the College, Division, and Unit safety practices and to attend courses on safety when appropriate - Any other duties as may be deemed reasonable by Head of group as well as Head of Division/Department/Section Other Duties - To undertake appropriate administration tasks - To undertake any necessary training and/or development - Any other duties commensurate with the grade of the post as directed by line manager/supervisor You will have a PhD or equivalent in Structural Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology or a related field. You will also have extensive knowledge in the expression and purification of bacterial inner membrane proteins and pervious experience in the structural analysis of bacterial membrane complexes is desirable. You will also have experience within an academic research environment and a proven track record with publication in relevant and peer reviewed high-quality journals.

Should you have any queries regarding this role please contact:


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