Postdoc on Modelling of A Biosensor for Continuous Monitoring

Applicants are invited to apply for a postdoctoral scholar position in mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

We are looking for a Postdoc on Modelling of a biosensor for continuous monitoring with single-molecule resolution.

The group Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics (MBx, see at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) creates ideas and generates scientific insights in the area of molecular biosensing with single-molecule resolution. This involves the engineering of molecular constructs for sensing applications (using protein, nucleic-acid, and protein-DNA technologies), methods to biofunctionalize nanoparticles, the development of novel single-molecule measurement methods, optical microscopies, particle characterization techniques, plasmonic effects, particle actuation principles, signal processing, and simulations. The research leads to novel methods for molecular biosensing, insights into protein function within complex and crowded environments, and novel routes into point-of-care and patient monitoring applications. The MBx group initiated and organizes SensUs, the international competition on Sensors for Health ( Laboratories are shared with the Chemical Biology research group ( and the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (

The group Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter group (TPS, see in the department of Applied Physics at TU/e focuses on themultiscale physics of biological and synthetic organic matter.From protein to organ, from polymer chain to plastic, and employs a variety of analytical and computational theoretical-physical methods - ranging from statistical and soft-matter physics to large-scale computer simulations - to help deepen the understanding of the complex interplay between biomolecular structure, function and dynamics. The group is part of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (

The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems ( is an interdisciplinary institute at TU/e which brings excellent researchers from different areas together to promote cross-breeding of ideas across disciplines in the departments Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. The institute aims to create and study biologically relevant systems with the ultimate goal of understanding the complexity of life.

The postdoc project focuses on developing and validating predictive models for a new biosensing technology with single molecule resolution. The technology is based on the tracking of the motion of particles that are molecularly tethered to a substrate, where modulations of the motion indicate the presence of single biomarker molecules. You will address questions on sensor design (e.g. role of molecular affinity, tether design, molecular densities), sensing kinetics, sensitivity, detection range, reversibility, scaling with number of particles, data analysis methods, etc. The questions will be addressed using thermodynamic models, Monte Carlo simulations, Brownian Dynamics simulations, and Molecular Dynamics simulations. The models will be validated using experimental and simulated data, generated by you and other members of the project. The project will give detailed insights in the mechanisms underlying the sensing technology and will yield design rules for molecular constructs, analysis protocols and system engineering. The postdoc position is part of a collaboration between the MBx group, the TPS group, the Chemical Biology and Protein Engineering group, Leiden University Medical Center, and three companies: Medtronic, Future Diagnostics, and Anteryon.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who are in an PhD program or who already have a PhD degree, preferably in Physics or Chemistry. Experience with computational modelling and an interest in Physical Chemistry and Biophysics is required. Experience with single-molecule methods (theory and experiment) is a plus.

TU/e strives towards a diversified workforce at all function levels. Part of this endeavor is to appoint more talented women to scientific positions. The Women in Science (WISE) network at TU/e is very actively promoting to share knowledge and experience which may further assist newly appointed female scientific staff in their further professional and personal development.

More information about the project can be obtained from Prof. M.W.J. Prins (, MBx group) and Prof. C. Storm ( , TPS group).

If you are interested in this position and would like to apply, we request you to use the“Apply now”-button.


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