Postdoc Innovative Luminescent Solar Concentrator Pv Devices

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands is inviting applicants to apply for a postdoctoral researcher position in mechanical engineering. This position is open until filled.

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has the following vacancy: Postdoc Innovative luminescent solar concentrator PV devices. in the section Multiphase and Reactive Flows of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

TU/e is a University of Technology with a focus on Health, Energy and Mobility. Within the Energy area, several departments cooperate in the field of renewable energy involving industry. The Energy area envisions a sustainable world that can produce enough energy for its consumption, unimpeded by scarce resources and without any impact on the climate. TU/e's research will help pave the way for this challenging transition. TU/e is an open and inclusive university with short communication lines. The people are curious, collaborative, and strive for excellence. TU/e enables its academic staff to develop research and education at an internationally renowned level. Our lively campus community facilitates connections between staff and students, in an open, friendly, vibrant atmosphere that welcomes and inspires.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering Department focuses on research in the field of product and process design and manufacturing. The department is devoted to designing, analyzing, improving and manufacturing new products and processes, as well as the materials needed for this. The department's research areas range from materials & mechanics, to energy & flow, to dynamics & control. Mechanical Engineering is a breeding ground for international top-level research, with much collaboration with industry. The department has more than 1100 (BSc and MSc) students and 250 employees of whom more than 100 are PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers.

The research theme of Design of Sustainable Energy Systems (D-SES), which is led by Prof.dr. A.H.M.E. Reinders, is embedded in the Energy Technology group. D-SES aims at an optimal use and integration of sustainable energy technologies in products, buildings and local infrastructures. In this design-driven research theme improved designs of sustainable energy systems are explored and also developed by means of simulation, prototyping and testing. A strong interest exists in optimized applications of solar energy technologies in the context of product designs and affiliated energy sources and technologies that support storage, use and flexibility of sustainable energy.

The core research theme in this postdoctoral research position is the development of highly efficient luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) PV devices. An LSC is a technology for harvesting solar energy that is comprised of a transparent element acting as a lightguide. PV solar cells can be attached to this lightguide which contains luminophores, resulting in an irradiance concentrating PV device. To improve the performance of existing LSC PV devices, ray tracing models are applied to various device designs to optimize their electrical-optical properties. Optimized combinations of matrix materials, luminescent materials, PV cells, geometries, and other design features will be applied in innovative LSC PV designs that will be realized. These devices will be experimentally characterized by various electrical, thermal and durability tests under diverse conditions of use, as defined by among others the IEC.

The expected output of this project is a set of tested LSC PV samples in order to have a better insight in proper design features and to obtain validated efficiencies of various LSC PV device designs. Based on these experiences, possibilities for upscaling to PV mini-modules will be explored and tested indoor using the high-end experimental facilities at Energy Technology, as well as under outdoor conditions. During this phase various applications of LSC PV technologies in the built environment and products will be further investigated.

In this project the postdoctoral researcher will be positioned in the D-SES research theme in the Energy Technology group and collaborate with partners at TU/e, among others the Faculty of the Built Environment Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, and research networks affiliated with TU/e such as Solliance.

We are accepting applications from enthusiastic candidates who are interested in a dynamic, stimulating and ambitious environment to perform their research. The candidate should have a PhD in photovoltaic energy or electrical engineering, or an equivalent area, and have a background or affinity with mechanical engineering or industrial design engineering. Experience with luminescent solar concentrators, characterization of PV modules and ray tracing simulations is highly appreciated. The candidate will be able to effectively communicate scientific ideas, supervise design engineering projects, foster collaboration in an interdisciplinary context and have a capability for independent thinking. Moreover, the candidate should be able to work independently within a dynamic team and be skilled in written and spoken English.

More information can be obtained from:

Applications can be made through the “apply now” button. Please send your application with a one-page personal motivation letter, a CV including the names and contact details of two recent references and beside a list of international conference and journal contributions (if any) a list of marks of MSc-courses. Only complete applications will be considered.


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