PhD Position Sub-thz Esr of Radicals and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

EPFL, Switzerland is inviting excellent students to apply for a PhD position in electrochemistry. The funds for this fellowship are available for 3 years. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

NMR performance is greatly enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), which requires

irradiation of the samples with sub-terahertz waves to excite electron spin resonances (ESR). We want to conduct ESR spectroscopy at high fields in order to develop new DNP strategies. Our laboratory has built an ESR spectrometer at 9.4 Tesla that is cavity-free, hence can measure samples in the form of discs, 5 mm in diameter. One application in view is electrochemical ESR, characterizing both the radicals in solution and the molecules adsorbed on electrode. In collaboration with the Swiss Plasma Center, we have designed and built a gyrotron. We

have also developed a flat NMR resonator that is compatible with optimal sub-THz propagation. By combining both, we have obtained unique results in DNP at high fields. An in-house VNA with extenders allows us to develop and validate our quasi-optical sub- THz measurement systems. It is also used to detect magnetic resonances in antiferromagnets. SWISSto12 S.A. ( is a spin-off of LPMN and our privileged partner for sub-THz developments. One part of the group is dedicated to demonstrating spin effects in electrochemistry, which they characterize by electrically-detected magnetic resonance. A PhD in physics, physical chemistry or materials science is expected, with proven experience in

ESR, DNP or millimetre wave technology. The candidate will merge the requirements of quasioptical millimetre wave ESR with those of electrochemistry and take part in our surface DNP research. Needed: - Autonomy and proactive working style - Ability to work in a team and coordinate with people of different professional backgrounds - Fluency in English This position is directly funded by EPFL, so that the research goals can be altered according to

opportunities. Send your application to Contracts are routinely established for a year at a time. The position is available for 3 years maximum.


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