PhD in Engineering Quantitative Evaluation of Creativity Using Computational Semantics

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in computer vision at Cardiff University. The deadline for applying is July 02, 2019.

Creativity is regarded as one of the most desirable qualities; it involves divergent and convergent thinking.

Divergent thinking is particularly important in early stages of product design. It refers to associative and intuitive thought, and thinking that requires flexibility. It is the ability to develop many possible solutions to a problem, some of them unique and novel, which may, though, differ in their quality. Divergent thinking is measured using various models.

For example, the Guilford model uses fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration to measure how creative a person is. On the other hand, the taxonomy of creative design assesses how creative a work is. It classifies creative work as an imitation of another work, a variation on a single work, a combination of two or more works, a transformation of a work into a completely new form, or a creation that is previously unrecognisable.

The aim of this project is to develop computational methods based on semantics to measure how creative a person is in the context of the Guilford model and how creative a work is in the context of the taxonomy of creative design.The main innovation is in using computer vision and computational semantics to measure the semantic distance between concepts used in the creative output.

You will be expected to produce high quality journal articles for scientific publication during the course of your PhD and would be expected to participate and present your research in international conferences.

You will benefit from an excellent research training environment provided by the High-Value Manufacturing group led by Professor Rossi Setchi.


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