Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layers PhD Scholarship

Monash University, Australia has an opening PhD position in acoustics. Applications are invited up to November 18, 2018.

We seek a highly motivated and quantitatively talented candidate to pursue a PhD project on computational modeling of turbulent boundary layers using Large Eddy Simulation (LES). Turbulent boundary layers arise in the flow around all bodies in a myriad of practical applications including aircraft, ships and motor vehicles. Not only does the boundary layer define the aerodynamic or hydrodynamic drag, the interaction of the boundary layer with other parts of the vehicle isalso a source of flow-generated noise. Although Large Eddy Simulation can be reliably used to predict drag, prediction of flow-generated noise is still a challenging undertaking because of the failure of LES to adequately resolve the fine scale turbulence fluctuations that leads to difficulty in predicting the high-frequency acoustic signal. In this project, we will develop techniques to extend the traditional LES framework to predict this part of the acoustic spectrum.

The progress to be made in this project will be at the forefront of research in this area.

Interested candidates who clearly satisfy the above selection criteria at a high level should first contact Prof. Murray Rudman on for more detail of the application procedure. Candidates that satisfy the selection criteria above at only a moderate level, or satisfy only some of the conditions are encouraged not to apply, as the scholarship selection process is very rigorous.



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