Epsrc DTP Case PhD Studentship in Applied Mathematics

A new opening PhD position in applied mathematics is available at The University of Nottingham, UK. This position is available for 4 years. Applicants should apply before October 26, 2018.

Communication through complex media: a novel interdisciplinary paradigm to bridge information theory and multiscale flow and transport theory

A variety of industrial applications are faced with challenges in understanding and control reactive transport processes in complex heterogeneous media. In particular, the Oil&Gas and renewable energy sector strongly relies on the modelling and simulation of multiscale porous materials, as well as complex downstream refining and chemical processing operations. Extracting valuable data and information from these systems for monitoring and control is crucial to ensure safety and increase efficiencies. Networks of nano-sensors for embedded sensing and actuation are currently being developed and tested to this aim. However, the design of robust and optimal communication strategies, in presence of complex transport phenomena and harsh environments remains challenging.

New communication paradigms, such as the nature-inspired molecular communication, have been developed to study the communication content of chemical simple advection-diffusion processes. However, we currently have no understanding of the potential for communication of more complex transport models. The goal of the project is, therefore, to develop the mathematical basis of an information theoretical framework for transport of particles and waves in complex multiscale environments.

This project is co-funded by TOTAL and will be based at the School of Mathematical Sciences, in the group of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and in collaboration with the GeoEnergy Research Centre and the Wave Modelling Research Group in Nottingham, and several partners in UK (Warwick) and Europe (Barcelona, Erlangen).

Summary: EU students – Tuition Fees paid, and full Stipend at the RCUK rate, which is 14,777 per annum for 2018/19. There will also be some support available for you to claim for limited conference attendance. The scholarship length will be 4 years.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements: We require an enthusiastic graduate with a 1st class degree in Applied Mathematics (or other field such as Physics or Engineering, showing evidence of deep knowledge of continuum transport models and numerical methods), preferably at MMath/MSc level, or an equivalent overseas degree (in exceptional circumstances a 2:1 class degree, or equivalent, can be considered).

Apply: This studentship is available to start in October 2018 and remain open until April 2019. To apply please visit specifying in the application the title and supervisors of the project. Please forward a copy of the full application material

For any enquiries please

This studentship is open until filled. Early application is strongly encouraged.


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