Research Associate in Neuroengineering

Imperial College London has an opening postdoc position. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply. Applicants should apply before September 19, 2018.

The UK DRI is seeking an outstanding post-doctoral researcher interested in taking on a challenging role with considerable scope for independent scientific achievement and personal growth.

The foundation programme of Dr Grossman is focused on the development of non-invasive brain stimulation tools and strategies to impact the disease pathology via direct modulation of the underlying network activity. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is used around the world to treat patients with severe movement and affective disorders but the risk from inserting electrodes into the brain limits the therapeutic impact of DBS and makes the exploration of new brain targets difficult.

The overarching goal of this post is to develop a technology for non-invasive, arbitrary focal DBS in multiple brain regions to transform the risk-benefit profile of DBS therapies and to pave the way for new experimental frontiers. The project is based on the recent discovery of a strategy for non-invasively stimulating neurons deep in the brain using temporal interference (TI) of multiple high-frequency electric fields (N. Grossman et al., Cell 2017

We are looking for an outstanding postdoc with a passion to tackle big problems and a readiness to try out high-risk, high-payoff projects.

We encourage applicants from diverse, relevant disciplines, including Physics, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience. Exceptional experimental experience in in-vivo electrophysiology, cell membrane biophysics, in-vivo neuroimaging would be considered as an advantage. Strong electromagnetic and electrical engineering foundations would also be considered as an advantage.

The successful candidate will be expected to help to define specific research programmes within this remit and undertake them in conjunction with colleagues in multi-disciplinary teams. Considerable independence is expected, with anticipation of a growing role in leadership of the research. In addition, the postholderwill be expected to submit publications to refereed journals and to join in attracting external research funding.

There will be opportunities for supervision of students. Experience in other teaching roles, including lecturing, will be enabled as part of the broad range of career development opportunities that Imperial College makes available to its post-doctoral research staff.

The contract is fixed term for one year in the first instance.

For informal inquiries or questions about the role, please contact Dr Nir Grossman at

Should you have any technical difficulties, please contact


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