Research Associate in Cryo-Electron Microscopy at Imperial College London

Imperial College London has an opening postdoc position. This fellowship is available for all students around the world. Applications are invited up to October 07, 2018.

Candidates are invited to apply for a BBSRC funded postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Professor Christian Speck at the Department of Molecular Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College London (

This is an ideal opportunity for an enthusiastic and highly creative scientist to join a dynamic research team with excellent collaborators and facilities. The successful applicant will use cutting-edge cryo-EM approaches to discover protein structures of key DNA replication complexes. This work will help to identify novel mechanism in DNA replication, which can be targeted in the future for the development of small molecule inhibitors with therapeutic potential.

Specifically, the applicant will investigate how yeast replication factors function during initiation of DNA replication. This research will be performed in close collaboration with a very talented biochemist who has already successfully reconstituted several novel DNA replication intermediates. The focus of this challenging project is on the preparation of high quality cryo-EM grids of large protein-DNA complexes, screening, optimisation of grids, data acquisition of large data sets, 3D structure determination and interpretation of the data. The applicant will be working as part of a team, and will have many opportunities to steer the project's direction in a creative way.

The team has >10 members, including many Postdocs, PhD students, a Senior Biochemical Research Scientist and a Lab Manager. Candidates will enjoy their interactions with group members specialised in cryo-EM, biochemistry, and in vivo approaches generating a collaborative and productive atmosphere. In addition, the institute's cryo-EM support team, including a facility manager and a senior scientist, are resources of knowledge and can provide crucial advice. The lab is very well equipped for structural EM work and has direct access to electron microscopes at the local MRC facility, the fully-equipped cryo-EM facility at Imperial College London and as founding member of LonCEN, regular access to a Titan Krios with K3 detector.

By joining the group, the candidate will not only participate in high profile research projects, but will be also directly mentored by Professor Speck in successful grant writing, networking and publishing. This will prepare the post holder to make the next career move.

The candidate should have a PhD in Structural Biology / Biochemistry, a strong publication record and extensive expertise in cryo-EM / Structural Biology. Prior knowledge in the production and/or handling of large protein complexes would be useful. A scientific background in the areas of molecular machines, the chromatin field, structure determination & modelling, DNA replication, cell cycle, DNA repair, and the broader area of genome stability would be an advantage, but is not necessary.

The post is immediately availabe and the latest expected start date is early 2019.

For informal inquiries or questions please contact Professor Christian Speck directly (


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