Research Associate in Code Generation for Finite Element Simulation

Imperial College London is delighted to offer a postdoc position in computer science and mathematics. This fellowship is available for all students around the world. Applicants should apply before October 22, 2018.

We are looking for a Research Associate to join the Firedrake core development team on the EPSRC funded Platform for Research in Simulation Methods (PRISM). The Firedrake project brings a radical new approach to simulation software development. Instead of painstakingly hand-coding highly sophisticated algorithms one PhD at a time, Firedrake models the simulation creation process as a sequence of mathematical abstractions and develops specialised compilers to automatically translate from one to the next, thereby automatically generating high performance parallel code from a high-level specification of the original mathematical problem.

This position represents the opportunity for a computational scientist to create new abstractions and implementations resulting in new simulation capability with immediate impact over a diverse user base. The successful candidate will play an important role in the heart of the Firedrake project while enjoying considerable freedom to develop their own programme of computational science research based around the further development of Firedrake. Specific duties include:
- Developing new and higher performance simulation capabilities by extending and enhancing the Firedrake system in collaboration with other Firedrake users and developers;
- Acting as an ambassador for the Firedrake project through the delivery of user training and support, research presentations at workshops and conferences, and active participation in the electronic fora of the Firedrake research community; and
- Sharing with the other members of the Firedrake core team the user support, maintenance, and improvement work which are inherent in a high impact project with a growing user base.

The Essential Requirements for this post are as follows:
- A PhD (or equivalent) in mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering or a closely related discipline.
- Experience of developing numerical software for computational algorithms.
- A strong background in numerical modelling and computing.
- Clear evidence of outstanding promise and originality in research, with a good publication record in the field of scientific software, commensurate with career stage, ideally with experience of code generation or compiler development.
- Strong skills in both software development and numerical mathematics, preferably including numerical methods for PDEs, especially the Finite Element Method.
- Research interest in code generation for high performance simulation, such as one or more of:

o Abstractions and domain-specific languages for PDEs, and other areas of scientific computing. o Domain-specific compiler technology for high performance simulation. o Composable physics-based preconditioners. o Coupled simulations, interpolation and data handling at extreme scale. Our preferred method of application is online via our website. Please also upload your CV, list of publications and a 2-page research statement indicating what you see are interesting research issues relating to the post and why your expertise is relevant.


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