PhD Student Position on The Physics of Liquid Jetting

Applicants are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship in acoustics at Eindhoven University of Technology. The funding allows successful candidate to work for four years. Applications will be evaluated immediately.

In piezo-acoustic ink-jet print heads, a voltage pulse, applied to the piezoelectric element, induces a deformation of the print head channel creating a pressure wave in the ink, ultimately responsible for the ejection of ink droplets out of the nozzle. Given the extreme accuracy achieved by modern inkjet printers, technological advancement requires a thorough physical understanding of the droplet generation mechanisms and of the subsequent droplet formation process.

The selected candidate will perform numerical and theoretical research in order to investigate the fundamental physics beyond the dynamics of droplets formation in ink-jet print-heads. He/she will employ, extend and optimize existing numerical codes in order to perform high-fidelity, fully-3d numerical simulations of droplet jetting, will develop new codes to analyse the data produced, will develop novel, or improve upon existing, theoretical model also on the basis of the numerical investigations. The numerical methods that will be employed will include fully parallelized multiphase Lattice Boltzmann codes, developed in our group, with and without grid-refinement, as well as open-source codes based on volume of fluid method, like e.g. Gerris or Basilisk. The candidate will investigate full 3d effects, like the breaking of axial-symmetry during the jetting process. The candidate is expected to closely interact with Oc Technologies, as well as with other PhD students performing theoretical/experimental studies.

We seek highly talented, enthusiastic, and exceptionally motivated candidates with an MSc. degree in Physics or engineering. The candidate must be able to demonstrate good programming skills, the drive and capacity to tackle different aspects of a complex problem with large independence, the capabilities to work in a team, strong communication skills, including fluency in written and spoken English.


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