Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biological Area

College Station is seeking a highly motivated postdoc student with an interest in chemistry. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply. The deadline for applying is February 20, 2016.

Post-doctoral positions in the following areas:
- 1. Antibody engineering for the generation of cancer therapeutics.
- 2. Fluorescence microscopy, including single molecule analyses, for the study of subcellular trafficking of cancer therapeutics.
- 3. Instrumentation development for fluorescence microscopy

The post-doctoral appointees will carry out research on projects involving the development of antibody-based cancer therapeutics that target growth factor receptors and other tumor antigens. These studies will use a combination of antibody engineering, state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy techniques and in vivo studies in mouse cancer models. The projects have direct relevance to the rapidly expanding use of antibodies in the biopharma industry.
Application Requirements
Candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree in any biological area, (bio) engineering, biotechnology, chemistry or physics. Relevant experience in one or more of the following areas is desirable but is not essential: protein engineering, fluorescence microscopy (live cell imaging, single molecule analyses) and/or mouse tumor models. For more information see
How to apply?
Highly motivated, interested candidates should send CV and names/addresses of at least three references to:
Scholarship Summary

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