Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Mechanics and Genetics of Embryonic

Institut Curie is pleased to invite applicants to apply for postdoc position in genetics. Citizens of any country are eligible to apply. Applications are invited up to August 07, 2015.

A post-doc position is now opened in the Institut Curie, Paris France, in the Mechanics and Genetics of Embryonic and Tumoral Development biology/physics interdisciplinary team, aiming at finding the pathway involved in tumorigenic mechanical induction in response to tumor growth pressure, and testing the pre-clinic efficiency of its inhibition against tumor growth. The studies are based on the observation that on Drosophila embryos and mice colon tissues, developmental master genes [ 1, 2, 3 ] (embryos) and tumoral progression master genes 4 (colon cancer) expression are activable in response to mechanical strains. Most recently, we have developed a unique method allowing to magnetize the mesenchemial conjunctive tissue of mice colon with magnetic liposomes, and to apply a magnetic pressure mimicking tumour pressure to the colon during weeks to months in vivo 5. Our results demonstrated the activation of the b-cat pathway and of downstream oncogenic processes from tumorogenic gene overexpression to ACF formation in healthy tissues. The objective of the post-doc is to apply our in vivo mechanical induction magnetic technology (i) in finding the underlying molecular mechanism of the b-cat pathway mechanical activation, (ii) in directly applying these findings in a pharmacological approach aiming at inhibiting the tumorigenic mechanotransductive pathway, for pre-clinic colon cancer mice treatment essays.
Application Requirements
- The project will be realized in the Institut Curie, and will combine the interdisciplinary and inter-institution expertise of 4 teams: Christine M√©nager's team (Paris6-ESPCI, ferro-fluid), Mickael Tanter's team (Inserm-ESPCI, acoustic imaging), Silvia Fre's team (Institut Curie, genetics of colon tumour progression), and Emmanuel Farge's team (Inserm-Institut Curie, mechanotranduction in vivo).
- The project is a priori opened to any relevant expertise, even though a biophysical or physics applied to biology skill might be more adapted.
Scholarship Summary

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