PhD Studentship in Physics at Chalmers University

A PhD funding is available in physics at Chalmers University. This funding is available for all students around the world. The deadline for applying is May 11, 2015.

In a future society with limited access to fossil fuels, technologies for efficient on demand delivery of renewable energy are highly desirable. In this regard, methods that allow for solar energy storage and on demand solar driven energy generation are particularly relevant since the sun is the most abundant energy source. Specifically, the project focus is on the development and evaluation of new materials and devices for solar energy applications. The main focus will be on a new type of solar energy storage based on photoinduced isomerization of organic compounds, so-called molecular solar thermal energy storage (MOST). Moreover, we will explore devices with enhanced efficiencies based on a process known as triplet-triplet annihilation photon upconversion (TTA-UC). The PhD project is a part of research team consisting of several PhD students and post docs that has the common goal of developing molecules and devices for solar energy storage thus providing an ideal training ground for the selected PhD student in this project. The goal is to design and evaluate molecular systems and devices for photon upconversion and molecular solar thermal energy storage. Key parts of the work will be. Photochemical/photophysical investigation of molecular and material systems. Design, construction and evaluation of demonstration devices operating iin real-world conditions.
Application Requirements
- Full-time temporary employment. The position is limited to maximum 4 years full-time research studies. In addition, duties at the department, mainly teaching in the undergraduate or masters courses, distributed over the whole time of the position, can be included.
- You must have a master 's level degree in Physical Chemistry, Physics, Nano-Science or Materials science. Knowledge in programming would be beneficial but not mandatory. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the work, the candidate is expected to have good collaboration skills and be able to communicate in English, both orally and in writing.
How to apply?
For further information concerning this posting contact Associate Professor Kasper Moth-Poulsen, or post doc. Karl Börjesson,
Scholarship Summary

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