Two Postdc Fellowships in B Cell Malignancies and Cancer Drug Sensitivity

Oslo University Hospital is seeking a highly motivated postdoc student with an interest in biology. The duration of this scholarship is 3 years. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply. Applicants should apply before April 08, 2015.

- Post-doctoral research fellow 1 – Cancer Drug Sensitivity Screening (Task√©n group): The successful candidate will work with establishing screening assays and the pipeline for CDSS, library optimization, patient sample analysis and data interpretation.
- Post-doctoral research fellow 2 – Tumor microenvironment and (Munthe group): The successful candidate will work with CLL and MM tumor microenviroment leading to understanding of in vitro culture condition necessary to support CDSS and PDX and test drug combinations in PDX.
Postdoctoral-positions will be placed with a starting salary of NOK 491.000.
He positions are for three years with preferred start as soon as possible and within the second quarter of 2015.
Application Requirements
- We seek highly motivated individuals holding a PhD or M.D.-PhD degree that appreciates working in an international and interactive environment. Qualification requirements include a completed PhD and experience within the field of chemical biology, cancer biology, hematology, tumor immunology, translational medicine or related fields. Both applicants must be proficient in flow cytometry.
- For position 1 experience in chemical biology and/or CDSS is necessary.
- For position 2, Felasa-C licence and documented experience from working with mice is a requirement and experience with PDX a benefit. The ideal candidates should have a strong background in a relevant field as indicated above with a specific interest in working on a collaborative translational research project.
- Furthermore a strong background in lab-automation and/or high-throughput flow cytometry for studying cancer cell signaling and a specific interest in chemical biology and CDSS or vice versa would be a benefit (position 1) Similarly, a strong background in B cell malignancies and tumor microenvironment and an specific interest in primary cell culture and PDX or vice versa would be a benefit (position 2).
- Experience with working with clinical samples would also be a benefit (both positions).
How to apply?
- Applications should include a covering letter summarizing the applicant's career, past research accomplishments and showing how the applicant would fit the call (1-2 pages), include a CV and a list of publications, copies of certificates and grades, and names of three references. Please indicate whether the application is for position 1 or 2.
- More information about position 1:
- More information about position 2:
Scholarship Summary

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