Postdoctoral Fellow in Systems Neuroscience

A postdoc position is available in neuroscience at City University of New York. Citizens of any country are eligible to apply. Applications are invited up to March 01, 2015.

The Oviedo lab is seeking a postdoctoral candidate to study cortical mechanisms of auditory function in mice. New tools that allow detailed investigation of neural circuits have revealed significant differences between cortical areas that perform different functions. Circuit specializations embedded in stereotyped modules are now believed to be the secret ingredients that enable cortical areas to perform specific tasks. 

Our goal is to reveal these unique circuit features in the auditory cortex and determine their behavioral significance. The current project is focused on screening for neuronal populations with unique connectivity in the auditory cortex using cutting edge circuit mapping techniques and molecular tools in vitro. We also investigate functional significance in vivo using optogenetic manipulations of genetically defined neurons.

Application Requirements
- Experience in computational and experimental neuroscience is preferred, but any talented candidates will be considered.
- Specifically, experience in patch-clamping in vivo or in vitro, extracellular recording methods, and MATLAB programming is desirable.

How to apply?
Interested applicants should email a CV, a cover letter, and contact information for three references to: Hysell V. Oviedo, Ph.D..

Scholarship Summary

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