Doctoral Position in Chemistry at Newcastle University

Applicants are invited to apply for PhD fellowship in chemistry at Newcastle University. To be eligible, candidates must hold European citizenship. Applications are invited up to May 01, 2015.

- DNA-based routes are increasingly exploited as an approach to the synthesis of novel materials [ see for e.g. Adv. Phys., 2004, 53, 441; Ann. Rev. Biochem., 2010, 79, 65 ]. Chief amongst these are the structure-building aspect of DNA through complementary hydrogen bonding, and the control of sequence length which enables sub-nanometre precision.
- This has allowed an astounding array of nanostructured objects to be formed [ Mater. Today, 2009, 12, 24 ]. Additionally, the wealth of interactions that is possible between DNA and metal ions provides routes to introduce physico-chemical properties such as electrical conduction, magnetism and fluorescence, that are not intrinsic to the biopolymer.
- It is planned to explore the use of modified DNA, and its components, for preparing novel metal-based materials, particularly gels and clusters. The former have potential use as soft interfaces for bio-electronic applications, while the latter are of interest for fundamental studies on metal structures as well as for their use as luminescent probes and catalysts. The approach will be to investigate the metal-ion binding of modified nucleobases and sequences thereof.
- The project will involve the synthesis of organic and coordination compounds as starting materials and model system, as well as gels and metal clusters. A wide range of characterisation methods are available such as UV-visible absorption, fluorescence, Raman, XP, NMR spectroscopies, MS, crystallography and microscopic analysis (AFM).
Application Requirements
Applicants should have, or expect to obtain: a 2 (i) or higher classification degree in Chemistry or related subject. The award is available to UK/EU applicants only.
How to apply?
Students can apply through the University's online postgraduate application form. However, you need to include the following information:
- Insert the programme code 8100F in the programme of study section.
- Select PhD School of Chemistry Chemistry.
- Attach degree transcripts and certificates, and if English is not your first language, a copy of your English language qualifications
Scholarship Summary

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