Postdoctoral Position in Biochemistry

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia is delighted to offer postdoc position in biology. This position is available for all students around the world. Applicants should apply before March 26, 2015.

The Post Doctoral Fellow position is in the laboratory of Dr. Struan Grant, a Principal Investigator in the Genetics Research Division. A Postdoctoral Fellow is needed to join a dynamic group of investigators interested in studying the functional consequences of signals that have come out of recent genome wide association studies (GWAS) of complex diseases.

The successful candidate will be dedicated and motivated, and a driver of her/his research. The postdoctoral fellow will undertake approaches primarily based on chromatin conformation capture related techniques and next-generation sequencing.

We are looking for a candidate with prior experience in this technique. In addition, experience in sequencing and some understanding of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) based analysis outcomes would be beneficial. The Postdoc experience will serve to extend, refine and enhance skills necessary for professional and career development, and will enable the individual to broaden his/her scientific background by acquiring new research skills. It is expected that this individual will conduct independent scholarly research, and will contribute directly to the overall research goals of the project and the research group.

Postdocs will be expected to participate in project planning, recording and interpretation/evaluation of data, and communication of results. Postdocs will also be expected to acquire technical, lab management, and manuscript/grant writing skills; and participate in seminars, lectures, poster sessions and presentations at national meetings. Postdoctoral fellows also may be required to supervise junior lab members, develop new methods and protocols for research, and assist with the development of other research projects in the lab.

Application Requirements
A terminal degree PhD, MD, DVM with a major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or related field preferred. Excellent communication, organizational and molecular biology skills are a must. Hands-on experience with chromatin conformation capture related techniques, such as 3C, 4C, 5C and/or Hi-C would be a plus.

The applicant must also be eligible for a NIH postdoctoral fellowship and available for at least three years. Salary will be based on the 2015 NIH guidelines.
- To lead specific projects agreed upon with the P.I.s.
- Perform calculations and maintain appropriate log books and lab notebooks.
- Analyze and interpret resulting data.
- Submit findings in peer-review journals and present at national and international meetings.

- Strong research skills.
- Effective problem solving/critical thinking skills.
- Ability to work independently.
- Ability to exercise discretion and judgment.
- Value for research integrity and collaborative research.
- High level of motivation

How to apply?
Interested individuals should send a cover letter, CV, and three references and/or letters of recommendation and must also complete a profile at or to Struan Grant, Ph.D, or Andrew Wells, Ph.D

Scholarship Summary

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