Postdoc Scholarship in Blood-Brain Barrier

Applicants are invited to apply for a postdoc funding in biology at AbbVie Inc.. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply for this funding. Applications are invited up to February 16, 2015. 

For the Biology Department in Neuroscience Discovery we are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to work in the field of the blood-brain barrier. This is an excellent opportunity for a scientist interested in working on blood-brain barrier (BBB) transport mechanisms for delivery of biologics to the brain.

Application Requirements
In this project a novel drug delivery system based on a viral protein will be characterized and optimized in vitro. This work will include assessment of a transport across the blood-brain barrier, elucidation of transport pathways/mechanisms of the drug delivery system, determination of the intracellular fate of the drug delivery system and its cargo as well as uptake of the cargo into the target cells. Relevant in vitro BBB models available in-house will be further optimized and adapted to address these questions. Furthermore, modifications of the viral protein will be tested for increased brain specificity.

Scholarship Summary

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