Postdoc Position at U.S. Army Research Laboratory

U.S. Army Research Laboratory is offering a postdoc position in nanomaterials. The deadline for applying this position is on February 02, 2015.

A post-doctoral position is available within the Nanomaterials team at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. The candidate will ideally have experience in the:
- (1) synthesis/purification / characterization of metal and metal oxide nanomaterials
- (2) development of high-yield synthesis methodologies
- (3) engineering of surface functional groups
- (4) integration of nanomaterials into nanocomposite/thin film structures
- (5) evaluation of energy-transfer phenomena in coupled nanomaterials.

The work will be conducted with a multidisciplinary team to design, integrate, and develop multifunctional nanocomposite materials.

Salary: $ 75,000 - $ 85,000.

Application Requirements
The successful candidate will contribute to the design and synthesis of multifunctional nanocluster/nanoparticle/nanorod structures with tailored bandgap and plasmonic properties for multiple applications.

To meet these goals, the successful candidate will collaborate with research teams in both government and academia.
- A PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, or related field. Candidates with a MS/BS considered with extensive prior research experience.
- Demonstrated experience in managing multiple projects and in corresponding with scientific collaborators. - Demonstrated success in the publication of high-impact work in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals.
- Strong organizational and record keeping skills. Effective interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work in a team environment with a diverse group of scientific and technical personnel.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- U.S. Citizenship.

How to apply?
Please send resume and pertinent information to the email below.

Scholarship Summary

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