PhD Scholarship in Solar Fuels at University of Zurich

University of Zurich is pleased to invite applicants to apply for PhD scholarship in chemistry. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applicants should apply before February 13, 2015.

One of the most important challenges of our time is securing and using energy in a sustainable manner. The sun offers the potential for harvesting enormous amounts of energy (the amount of solar power striking the earth ’s surface at any one instant is nearly 10,000 times greater than our present day power needs). The ability to capture even a small percentage of this hugely abundant resource in a cost-effective manner would render unnecessary the current reliance on CO2 emitting fuel sources.

Artificial photosynthesis is a solution with tremendous promise. In analogy with nature ’s design, water is used as feedstock for protons and electrons that are used to generate hydrogen fuel, a process which is driven by the energy contained in the solar photons. The strategy of generating a fuel from sunlight precludes the problems associated with electricity storage, as the energy is stored directly in the form of chemical bonds. The energy contained in the fuel is available at any time and is decoupled from the intermittency of the sunlight striking the earth ’s surface.

The successful applicant will engage in inorganic materials synthesis (and perhaps some organic synthesis) to generate materials for photoelectrochemical water splitting. These materials will be characterized by electrochemical as well as physical methods (such as electron microscopy).

Application Requirements
Applicants should have a Diploma or MSc degree in chemistry, physics, materials science, or a closely related field. We encourage applications from enthusiastic and creative individuals, with good oral and written communication skills in English.

How to apply?
Please send your application including cover letter, CV, 1-2 page description of previous research experience, relevant diploma, and the names and contact details of two to three potential references in a single PDF file to Prof. David Tilley.

Scholarship Summary

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