PhD Scholarship in Chemical Physics

Lund University has an opening PhD funding in physics. All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply for this funding. Applicants should apply before February 28, 2015. 

One of the challenges of our time is to develop scalable systems capable of capturing and converting solar radiation into usable forms of energy. Beside high efficiency and durability of functioning solar cells/solar catalytic systems other design criteria have to be the resource consumption and the selection of materials involved in their production. We develop and use time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy to probe specific atoms in complex light activated molecular systems. Along the idea “seeing is believing” we trace excitation, the electron and structural changes with ultrafast time-resolved methods using optical and X-ray radiation to understand and finally optimize the function of the essential components.

Beside large scale facilities like free electron Laser (FEL) we use a novel in-house developed table-top x-rays spectroscopy setup to explore the secrets of nature. In this setup a high power laser pulse focused on a water jet produces a short (sub ps) approx.30 Million degree hot plasma that emits broadband x-ray radiation. This radiation is analyzed with a novel cryogenic detection system developed by our cooperation partner NIST.

Application Requirements
The perfect candidate has experience with a subset of these skills:
- X-ray spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, data fitting with different tools, programming in Python/C/Matlab / similar, practical electronics, photochemistry, machining and construction of scientific apparatus, inorganic and organic chemistry

- You will be working in an international research environment requiring good English skills.

How to apply?
For further information on the project please visit our department webpage.

Scholarship Summary

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