PhD Position in Literary Studies: German Literature

KU Leuven University has an opening PhD scholarship in literature. Citizens of any country are eligible to apply. Applicants should apply before April 01, 2015.

The focus of the project is on the imagination (s) of female sovereignty in a spectrum of literary texts by German women writers from the late eighteenth until the second half of the nineteenth century. The question of sovereignty is pursued in relation to the fact that women disappeared from public political life after the French Revolution. While women #s participation in politics was foreclosed by their civil subordination and relegation to the private sphere, they looked back on a history of more than thousand years in which female sovereignty had been a political possibility throughout Europe.

In the long nineteenth century with its angst-ridden gender dichotomies, however, political discourse erased women #s participation in or even association with sovereignty. How did women writers deal with the eclipse of female sovereignty and what traces did the latter leave in their work? The aim of the project is ( to disclose the political potential of a body of texts that has received little scholarly attention, and ( to yield a more complex understanding of templates of political hegemony by looking through the lens of those who were excluded from participating in it.

You a full-time contract as junior researcher for your years (duration of the project) in a thriving and highly esteemed research group. The Department of Literary Studies at KU Leuven consists of some thirty professors and fifty junior researchers, who cover all periods in Western literature and who provide for a stimulation research environment.

The project is designed to be completed in the form of a doctoral dissertation (in either English or German) and you will be able to focus on the acquisition of this degree. The project will begin September 1, 2015. Salary conditions:

Application Requirements
We are looking for an enthusiastic young researcher who holds a degree of Master in Literary Studies with a major in German (or a comparable degree) and who ( is acquainted with German literary history, ( is versed in the principles of literary criticism, has a keen interest in political theory/philosophy.

In addition to a research attitude and some organizational skills, the candidate should be able to process matters independently and participate in scientific dialogue and networking.

How to apply?
For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Anke Gilleir, tel.: +32 16 32 48 78, email bellow or Prof. Dr. Bart Philipsen, tel.: +32 16 32 48 82.

Scholarship Summary

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